Roving Cosmos Sky

What to expect from Roving Cosmos

Welcome to our escape from Planet Pandemic. Looking out at the world from behind our windows in London is beginning to feel a bit claustrophobic, so we’re beginning our journey by escaping to Mars with NASA’s Perseverance and China National Space Administration’s Tianwen-1.

Space is vast, and the number of blogs, news sites, and other online resources seem equally endless. We’ve found an array of pages, from stargazing maps to the highly technical to the kid-focused (we’re working on a resources page to share all of those with you). But we haven’t found anything yet that speaks our language. So we’ve created our own site for ourselves and people like us, who want to participate but aren’t job-searching for a role at SpaceX.

So here’s our initial plan:

Perseverance lands on Mars on the 18th of February 2021. The landing itself is a big deal, let alone the samples, pictures, and sounds that we’re anticipating. Here’s NASA’s schedule of events leading up to the big day. We’ll be checking out some of their events but especially the live landing broadcast on the 18th of February (while Claire celebrates her daughter’s first birthday).

In the days leading up to the landing, we’ll be sharing what we’re learning about space generally (Chris Hadfield’s MasterClass is looking pretty interesting), Tianwen-1’s mission (Mars arrival scheduled for the 10th of February), and Perseverance’s mission. And we’ll keep following along as we learn more from the rovers. Shivani is also going to release regular instalments of a new Perseverance comic.

We plan to share weekly updates with you. Alongside all the Mars rover activity, we’ll also be following with other launches and events on the schedule. To acquaint ourselves with all that’s going on off Earth, we’re using the Next Spaceflight app.

What would you like to see? Get in touch and let us know!