Hello World!

We’re Shivani and Claire, co-founders of Roving Cosmos. We created this site to invite others to join our journey off Earth, away from London lockdown and the associated global pandemic, to our broader universe. There’s nothing like the immensity of space to help keep a bit of perspective about life.

It’s hard to remember that anything other than COVID-19 happened in 2020, but in July 2020, NASA launched the Perseverance rover and the China National Space Administration launched the Tianwen-1 rover to Mars. Both are expected to reach Mars in February 2021, and it’s just the excitement we’ve been looking for while stuck indoors. So please follow along as we learn about Perseverance and Tianwen-1, as well as anything else we find interesting in space (that should keep us pretty busy…).

A little about us:

Shivani is the original inspiration behind this endeavour. She developed a bit of a fascination with space a few years back and has the Lego Mars rover on a shelf at home to prove it. In her day job, she works in tech, but she’s also a talented photographer (check out https://shivspix.com/ for some amazing Olympic rowing photos) and interested in all things creative. Look forward to Shivani’s rover-inspired artwork!

Claire jumped onto the Perseverance bandwagon more recently. Her world became a bit more insular when she left her job to care for her daughter (born back when only 3 COVID cases had been discovered in the UK…). Claire hasn’t an artistic bone in her body, so look forward to her nerding out about space and sharing it through (hopefully not overly analytical) blog posts and other resources.