Author: Claire

ingenuity x-ray image

Ingenuity, the first powered flight on Mars

Perseverance is a science mission, and as part of that mission, they’re testing out new technologies. The Ingenuity helicopter (named by competition winner Vaneeza Rupani)

Roving Cosmos Perseverance Arriving on Mars

Mars is bleak and beautiful

In the last post, we admired the first images shared by Perseverance after landing on the 18th of February 2021. Since then, the rover has

Roving Cosmos Mars

Hello Mars!

Perseverance has officially landed

RovingCosmos Perseverance

Who else is exploring Mars?

NASA are loud and proud about Perseverance and the landing on 18th February 2021. But they’ll have plenty of company out there. Let’s take a look at the Hope Probe and Tianwen-1.